Guest post: ÿding, first impressions

    We have sent one ÿding power meter to our good friend Matt Miller – who is the worlds first PhD in mountain biking – to share his experiences with you. After his first couple of rides, he is ready to share his first impressions. So here it is – in its unedited form:

    I installed my new Team Zwatt ÿding MTB power meter just before leaving for a training camp in Quebec, Canada. The plan was to ride every day during my athlete’s training, and I was excited to try out some new tech!

    I had never used a 30mm crank spindle in my BB92 Giant frame, but installation was pretty straightforward. Calibration was quick and easy, just as with every other power meter I’ve used. After I installed the Team Zwatt app on my phone, I signed up and did a quick check to make sure I had the latest firmware update. The app showed that the battery was fully charged, but I plugged the crank in to charge anyway using an old phone cable.

    The first ride I did was on a bike path. There was a pretty good bike path network where we were staying, and I was curious how steady the power readings would be, so it was a really good place for a first test. I got out before breakfast for a nice easy cruise and tried to ride pretty steady. Here is a snippet from the early part of my ride—the power readings look good!

    Those woods are looking very tasty—can’t wait to get out for some trail rides!


    Dr Matt Miller is a MTB performance specialist working with athletes around the world. He has extensive experience analysing and interpreting MTB braking and propulsive data, as well as testing product. You can follow along on Instagram or on the web.

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