Cleaning your power meter

    Your bike is dirty and it’s time to clean it! But what about the power meter? Anytime you clean your bike’s drive train you should also consider taking care of the beloved power meter. 

    We know that washing your bike can be a bit of a pain, but it’s important to do it on the regular to keep everything in order. A clean bike is a fast bike! This might be as easy as wiping it down just after a ride or giving it a deep clean.

    How to clean your power meter

    Like with the rest of your bike (except for the drive train), it’s generally a good idea to use mild soap and water when cleaning your Zpider power meter. Use a brush or a sponge to give it a good scrub and then rinse all the soap away.

    Be careful when you use a pressure washer. Even though our power meters have an IP67-rating, we still advise not to spray it directly at the unit from a close distance. So keep it at a bit of a distance when you rinse the power meter with a pressure washer.

    Salty roads

    If you often find yourself riding outside on winter salty roads, you are a bit of a bad-ass! Riding out in the cold is not for the fainthearted, but you should also wash the power meter down on a regular basis. Salt can be corrosive, especially when a rechargeable battery is around. Keep everything clean and your bike will thank you!

    Indoor training

    If you do a lot of hometrainer sessions during the year, chances are you’re sweating a lot. The salt from sweat can also be bad for your bike. We recommend that you rinse your bike down regularly to get rid of that salty sweat. Some people use a sweat-guard during indoor sessions, but of course, that doesn’t look pretty!

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