Spacer selection

If you have a 30mm BB you only need spacers. Turn the bike upside down and measure the width of the frame.

Find the right adapter in the table below. If the width is more than 86.5mm the ZPIDER will unfortunately not fit the frame.

Frame Width Spacer Needed Optional BB
68mm #10 #3 #4 #7 #8
73mm #1 #3 #4
79mm #2 #4
86.5mm #6 (BB)

There is no strict requirement to change the BB, but in case you don’t please be prepared that the spacers may not be exactly what you need due to small differences in how different brands do their BB’s. We strongly recommend you change BB to FSA when installing the Zpider.

All the spacers (and BB’s) are in the webshop – just remember the right # numbers.

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