BB selection

If you need to change the bottom bracket (BB) on your bike in order to fit the ZPIDER crank set, check the type first.

  • Threaded – you screw it in (typically those with outside bearings)
  • Press fit – you press it in (typically those with inside bearings)

If it looks like you need a wrench like tool to remove the BB, it’s a threaded. If it looks like you need to pull the bearings out, it’s press fit.


If you need a threaded BB, please make sure the width of the shell is 68mm.

In that case, you need BB #5 or #9 (difference in materials and price).

Press Fit?

If you have a press fit type frame, then it’s a bit more complex – But we’ll guide you through it:

Start by pulling out the bearings. This can be done many different ways and is really not that difficult if you are careful.

Here is a video showing the process.

Now measure the shell inner diameter (ID) and width as shown.

With those two measurements, you are ready to pick the right BB and spacers. Simply follow the flowchart below.

Video Instructions:

The BB’s and spacers are available in the webshop – just remember the # numbers you need.

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