Maintenance Fee

NOTE: The Maintenance fee is removed on any product available now.

This page is kept for historical reasons.

Why the Maintenance fee?

In exchange for the low price, you have to pay a monthly maintenance fee. We continue to develop and improve your power meter firmware and the app, so you can view the monthly fee like any other software license… or your Netflix subscription… or gym membership. Same thing.

We continue working for you and you pay a small amount for that as long as you think you are getting something valuable in return.

Our challenge to you is to get on the bike and provide us with at least one 30 min ride tracked with our app every month. That is the valuable test data we are after, which will help us improve the technology in your power meter.

Select your fee

We have three options for you.

  1. You can choose to share data with us and get the lowest fee ( 4.46 per month for 24 months)
  2. Or You can choose to not share data with us and pay a higher fee ( 8.92 per month for 24 months)
  3. And as the last option, you can pay once-and-for-all for the 24 months without sharing data with us. This unlocks your power meter for good

The maintenance fee goes to zero when you have paid for 24 months. After that, you can still use and get updates for your power meter.

You can pay the fee here and see all options.

Taking a break

If you decide to not pay the maintenance fee, your power meter will continue to output cadence. Power output will, however, be disabled after a few rides.

Multiple power meters

You need to pay the maintenance fee for each power meter.

Theft protection

If someone steals the power meter (which is something that happens – especially with arm-based that are so easy to remove), the bad guy won’t have much fun out of it. After a few rides, the power will not show any more. If someone tries to register it again – we will share all the information with you.

Tracking your rides

You are more than welcome to track as many rides you like and we will let you know when we are looking for specific types of information (like high cadence/low torque, cobblestones, climbing etc.).

There is a comment function when you upload data, so you can make notes about specific conditions or observations.

Decide the future

In addition, the maintenance fee will give you voting rights when we decide the future direction. You and we have lots of ideas for features to add to firmware, app and cloud service. Things like:

  • Better support for oval chain rings
  • Other arm lengths
  • Max torque display
  • Pedaling style assist
  • Surface roughness logging
  • Air time and landing impact logging
  • etc. etc.

As a Team ZWATT member, you can add feature requests to the list and vote for which ones get implemented first.

Need to Contact Us?

Please email support to get your question answered by a human if you can’t find the answer you need on this page.

Make sure to include app and firmware version numbers, if at all relevant to your question.

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