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    Rimkratt-Milkowski breaks 45-year old track record

    The Danish track sprinter William Rimkratt-Milkowski broke a longstanding record from 1973, when he finished his 200m qualifying round during the GP of Moscow in the time of 10.105 seconds. Now he wants more records.

    This is a milestone for me. It’s a legendary record in Danish track cycling and I’ve wanted to beat it ever since I started..”

    Hard work pays off

    Beating the record has been a huge relief for me. I have been working really hard the last two years, where I also felt like I hit a bit of a plateau. But I surrounded myself with the right kind of supporting cast and all of a sudden you take a big leap forward.”

    Sub 10

    Beating the record was the primary reason for William to attend the Grand Prix in Moscow, his next big goal is to become the first Dane to get below 10 seconds:

    My next goal is to get below 10. I want to get even faster so that I can compete in the big World Cup races. But a lot of things have to work out for that to happen. You have to find the right partnerships and meet the right people like technicians, dietists etc. etc.

    Olympic dreams

    My ultimate goal is the Olympics. That’s for sure. But for now it’s just a whole lot of training and an old school Keirin-race in London this month

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