Upload 12 FTP tests for a cheaper power meter

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Team ZWATT: Upload 12 FTP tests for a cheaper power meter

A new study to invent algorithms for new useful metrics creates an opportunity for committed bike riders to get a power meter on their bike


Copenhagen, DENMARK – TeamZWATT the creator of the world’s first subscription-based power meters is expanding its already large distributed power meter test team. In a new effort to learn more about how more advanced metrics can be extracted from the data collected in a crank based bike power meter, the company is looking for 100 new test riders.


20-minute all-out test

“The challenge to the next group of testers is a monthly data upload from an FTP (Functional Threshold Power) test. A 20-minute all-out test to measure your functional threshold power level – the maximum power level you can sustain for 20 minutes”, explains founder Rolf Ostergaard.

By dedicating resources in the second half of 2018 to the development of new algorithms, Team ZWATT hopes to be able to create new insights for anyone serious about training on a bike. The company just released a beta version of its Android app with a dedicated FTP-20 data field to support the study.

The Zpider power meter

Bike enthusiasts interested in participating will be asked to do one 20-minute FTP test per month and uploading this for the engineers to work on. Only Android users in EU are invited at this time. Team ZWATT will provide its spider based power meter crankset “Zpider” at an unusually low price of €250 plus a monthly fee of €10 For 12 months. The Zpider comes as a complete alloy crankset based on the mid-range Gossamer crankset from FSA fitted with a rechargeable spider power meter. Accessories such as chainrings and bottom brackets are available.

“Our goal is to help all riders – no matter their background or income – to train smarter by providing access to affordable power meter technology. By driving innovation in the field such as the first magnetic charger, the lower up-front cost combined with a monthly fee and now the new algorithms – we want to position ourselves as the technology provider of choice for more brands wanting to integrate power meter technology into their products.” Rolf Ostergaard continues.

A quick survey is set up for riders interested in participating in this study at the web address: www.teamzwatt.com/ftp with power meters being shipped to users as they come of the line. The study is limited to 100 riders and it’s first come – first served.


TeamZWATT has started its expansion in the European market. The power meters are now available online and in a handful of locations including United Kingdom, Germany and The Netherlands. The brand is owned and operated by SENSITIVUS gauge, specialising in sensor technology including power meter technology for bike component manufacturers. Customers include a leading mountain bike brand from Canada, a road crankset manufacturer in California, a high-end Italian brand and OEM manufacturers in Asia.


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Gaspar Csaki, marketing: +45 2256 7502, gc@teamzwatt.com

Rolf Ostergaard, founder, +45 2684 4876, ro@sensitivus.com