Visualization and Data Mining Intern

Improve training for the world’s largest power meter test team: Team ZWATT – using more data than anyone has had before.

Make engaging visualizations and gain new groundbreaking insights.

Suitable for internship, project or thesis. Open now.

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Design and implement novel data visualization methods with intuitive user interfaces on PC, web, and mobile. Optimize training value, social media impact, nerd-factor and the product using the insights gained.

We expect

  • Interest and experience with information visualization and visual analytics
  • Knowledge of statistics and data mining techniques
  • Strong programming skills and software developing experience
  • Proficient with one or more APIs or platforms for visualization (e.g. JavaScript, D3.js, WebGL, HTML5)
  • Strong research and problem-solving skills
  • Fluent in English

Why us

  • Working in a startup is more fun
  • Improve your skills working on a real project that is actually going to be used
  • Learn to move fast and create results


  • Full lunch buffet, gourmet coffee, fitness facilities, Friday bar etc. available
  • All your bike gear might suddenly be much more interesting and less expensive
  • Taking a ride may be part of the job if you like


Send your CV/latest exam/grade results + a cover letter explaining why this is ideal for you as soon as possible.


More about us


Check our Kickstarter campaign and SENSITIVUS pages for more about us.

Get a good deal in exchange for some of your uploaded pedalling data

Help create better power meter technology for all