Bike Power Data Visualization Intern

Motivate and engage bike riders using next level sensor data and personalized visualizations.

Work with the world’s largest power meter test team: Team ZWATT using more data than anyone has had before. Innovate the next level of motivational data feedback from users across the globe.

Suitable for internship, project or thesis. Open now.

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Experiment to understand engagement and motivational factors in the area of personalized data feedback from advanced power sensors on bikes. Our worldwide test team is constantly uploading new data and your job is to turn that wealth of information into shares, engagement and training values for the testers.

You will have to venture into unknown territory and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Design and user understanding is important – so is an understanding of training and methods. Dare trying things out. Define your own goals and methods. Drive the process.

We expect

  • Interest in information visualization
  • Knowledge of statistics and data mining techniques
  • Understanding of training methods for biking
  • Curiosity and a strong drive to understand user engagement

Why us

  • Working in a startup is more fun
  • Improve your skills working on a real project that is actually going to be used
  • Learn to move fast and create results
  • Define what your goals are – and how you achieve them
  • We are super flexible to fit your needs for any type of project/situation


  • Full lunch buffet, gourmet coffee, fitness facilities, Friday bar etc. available
  • Also, open to remote work
  • Taking a ride may be part of the job if you like


Send your CV/latest exam/grade results + a cover letter explaining why this is ideal for you as soon as possible.


More about us

Check our Kickstarter campaign and SENSITIVUS pages for more about us.

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