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    Professional cycling is one of the toughest sports in the world. It’s all about performance and marginal gains just to get one step closer to success. We caught up with Natalie Van Gogh, a blogger and an elite cyclist who is part of the Dutch Valkenburg Parkhotel cycling team on the Women’s UCI tour. She’s also a sponsored TeamZWATT rider and is racing with the Zpider throughout the season. 

    What got you into cycling?

    What started me of was the need for some exercise. I have a sitting job so I really needed to get out there. First I tried running but that didn’t fit me. Then I started cycling and was addicted to the feeling of going somewhere and being out.

    What do you love most about cycling?

    Going somewhere new, seeing new ‘grounds’, being outside. Cycling gives the opportunity to see so much and meet people along the way. That is the same for a hobby rider as for a professional rider.

    📷 Cees van’t Geloof


    What does performance mean to you?

    To continue to develop myself. Find those little gains and the satisfaction to see myself grow in the performance numbers.

    How do you train?

    I have a coach who firmly believes in training with power. We utilize the website TrainingPeaks to measure and analyze my performance through the data that the powermeter provides and plan the training for the goals ahead.

    Are you training for anything specific at the moment?

    The next big goal on the agenda is the Boels Ladies Tour, a world tour 6 day stage race here in the Netherlands. So I want to be in good shape by the time that starts (last week of August).

    📷 Cees van’t Geloof

    What else is on your race calendar this season?

    After the Boels Ladies Tour the next big thing is the race of La Vuelta where we do the same course as the men do on their last day.

    What’s your favourite gear or peace of kit that you absolutely must have with you on your rides?

    That must be my Garmin 520. I feel empty without it (that’s why I have two of them)


    Natalie’s team history

    2007 RTV de Bollenstreek

    2008-2010 SwABo Ladies Cycling Team

    2011 Team Specialized DPD

    2012 Team Ibis Cycles

    2013 Dura-Vermeer en het Dameswielerteam Ronald McDonald Huis Groningen

    2014-2018 Parkhotel Valkenburg Cycling Team

    You can follow Natalie on her website and read more about getting fit with power based training here on our blog.

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