We believe in technology, fair pricing and friendships.


Our Background

Back in 2013, we started building bike power meter based on a patented optical sensor technology from Danish Technical University. Sadly, this sensor technology turned out to be not quite mature yet, so we devoted ourselves to the known and very well proven strain gauges technology.

We are passionate about two things, technology and cycling. Bike power meter products are a great combination of the two – incredibly hard to fully master all the details of the technology involved, yet so simple. Our first product was the core technology – electronics and software and we sell that to brands who wanted to integrate power meters into their products. But we decided to take the technology to the next level.

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Our Story

The cycling industry has taught us a bunch of things about power meters and we instantly knew what we want to change:

1, Testing by pro riders may be extreme in power and intensity, but it’s not as diverse as the riders actually buying the products

2, The difference between power meter algorithms surface when they are put in real life situations

3, That is why the results generated by the pro riders testing our technology for the brands, is not nearly good enough for us

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We think differently. So, we decided to take a new approach and base our product development on crowd sourced data from our customers … and introduced the world’s first subscription-based power meters.

Why? Because we want better algorithms, better price, better products that works better for your style of riding.

We started our Kickstarter campaign to make open and super diverse test team for power meter testing. But we didn’t stop there. We still want testers of all types, riding all types of bikes, on all types of terrain.

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Our Goal

As We continue to evolve the algorithm, firmware and app, our challenge to you is to get on the bike and provide us with at least one 30 min ride tracked with our app every month.

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Our Philosophy

We believe in technology, fair pricing and friendships. Our mission is to bring our test riders together and to provide the best road, cross and mountain (eventually) bike power meters so affordable that you would have one on all your bikes.

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Join TeamZWATT

Let’s be social and keep up to date with our latest news and stories.  Join the discussion on our Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Oh and we have a Facebook Group which the perfect places to hang out with fellow cycling enthusiasts and to discuss things. We also have a Strava club, where you can track & share your riding experiences with other members.

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