Want to ride and train smarter with watts?

– Upload 12 FTP tests for a cheaper power meter

We are launching a new study to invent algorithms for new useful metrics creates an opportunity for all you committed bike riders to get a power meter on your bikes.

What is FTP anyway?

The Functional Threshold Power is the maximum power you can currently produce for an hour. But no one likes to do a perfectly paced 1 hour time trial, so the 20 minute FTP-test was developed. Simply put: You do a 20 minute all-out test and take the average power from those 20 and subtract 5% to produce your current FTP number.

We just released a beta version of our Android app with a dedicated FTP-20 data field to support the study. All you need to do is to download the App (sorry Android only) and do the test and share it with us by uploading it to our server.

Click here to read our definitive guide to the FTP test

Who can participate in the study?

Every bike enthusiasts who’s interested in participating will need to perform one 20-minute FTP test per month and upload it for our engineers to work on. Only Android users in EU are invited at this time. We will provide the Zpider power meter at an unusually low price of €250 plus a monthly fee of €10 for 12 months. Accessories such as chainrings and bottom brackets will also be available.

Key Features of the Zpider Power Meter

  • Available lengths: 170, 172.5 and 175 mm
  • The Power meter will fit dual 4-bolt asymmetric ‘Shimano style’ 110 BCD chain rings
  • ANT+ and BLE protocol (simultaneously)
  • Rechargeable battery: USB magnet charger with indicator light
  • Measure power from both legs
  • Weight: 755 g excluding chainrings
  • Secure wireless firmware updates
  • FSA BB386EVO – The ultimate in compatibility. 30mm crank axel making it compatible with almost all bikes
  • Measurements: Power, cadence, torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness
  • Water resistance rating: IP67
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Accuracy: 2%

Special Study Pricing

€250 upfront plus a monthly fee of €10 for 12 months.*

*The study is limited to 100 riders and it’s first come – first served.

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More than 13,945,148,772 bytes of valuable data uploaded by our happy testers already.