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    What happens when you get tired?

    Today, we take a look at what happens with the left/right balance during those hard 20 minutes.

    You all start out at some level – we are all mostly 50/50 balanced, but also all have a tendency to be a bit off to one side. Most seem to have a slightly stronger right leg.

    If we level this initial off-centre balance out and only look at what happens after the first minute – this is how that looks:

    Red curves show those of you who start out with a stronger right leg. Blue curves show those of you that start out with a stronger left leg. If you shift towards stronger right leg during the 20 minutes, your curve will go up on this plot (and vice versa).

    As you can see the majority of you are stronger on the right leg. And the majority tend to shift out to one side during the 20-minute torture 🙂

    It makes sense to see that one leg get tired before the other. If you want to improve your overall strength, you should know this and consider improving that leg even more than you improve the other.

    Trying to stay balanced while riding will likely just make you do less with the stronger leg, so not the best strategy. But doing some extra single-leged training exercises for the weaker leg may actually make you go faster 🙂

    The last time we explored the torque zones and the outcome thereof. If you missed it click here.

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