ÿding carbon MTB power meter

NEW! Upgrade to carbon. Upgrade to power. €599...
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Zpider road power meter

First rechargeable spider based power meter. €449
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Zpider carbon road power meter

Lightweight rechargeable spider-based power meter. €749
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Inside ÿding: All there is to know about our carbon MTB power meter

Based on rock-solid field-proven technology shipping since 2014 to more than 10 000 power meters.

Get the inside story about how it’s developed, manufactured, and why.

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TeamZWATT Power Training Guide

Here is our guide on how to use the power meter data to train smarter.

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FTP20 Study Results

The data from the FTP tests is finally starting to flow in for analysis, and we are super excited to start looking deeper into the numbers.

From L/B balance to torque analysis. Attention, this is nerd zone!

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